The General Assembly 2019 of INEC is on May 23, 2019


Hotel Melià Lebreros , Calle Luis de Morales 2, Sevilla

INEC statement about IMR news

INEC answer to the LBG article in the IMR quaterly review of Food hydrocolloids dated on March 14, 2019.

INEC statement by Mail to Dennis Seisum from IMR

INEC Board

In order to build up the future leadership team of INEC, the Management Board was temporarily enlarged. Unanimously elected as new board members are:

Mr. Simon Diezi, Technical Director of Polygal AG
Mr. Ulrich Zuber, CEO of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG

We congratulate to the successful election

Locust bean Gum substitute

On the market is a “Galactose depleted Guar Gum” which is announced as a Locust Bean Gum substitute. The INEC technical committee has reviewed this product and it application in food. The use of this product in food application will be difficult because of the declaration. Within the EU as well in the US “Galactose depleted Guar Gum” isn’t listed as a Food Additive ; It can’t be listed as E 410 (this is not “Locust bean Gum”) nor E 412 (it doesn’t correspond to Guar Gum)

LBG Seeds – Crop forecast 2018

According to the estimated data’s and today’s know-how, INEC is expecting a crop which will be close to the average yearly crop.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The technical committee adopted a unified MSDS according to the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH).

INEC Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)