19.05.22: General Assembly and Technical Committee Meeting 2022

INEC’s 2022 General Assembly (GA) and Technical Committee meeting took place in physical presence in Barcelona on 12 May 2022.

19.05.22: Changes in the INEC Board: New President and Vice-President

We are happy to announce that during the 2022 GA Mikulas Wagner of Tate & Lyle was elected as President and Giusy Manenti (LBG Sicilia) as Vice-President to INEC.

Current composition of the INEC board:
Mikulas Wagner, T&L, President
Giusy Manenti, LBG Sicilia, Vice-President
Ulrich Zuber, Treasurer
Daniel Heine, Secretary and Chairman Technical Committee

19.05.22: INEC statement on enzymatically treated guar gum and other product adulteration practices

In view of the current high prices of locust bean gum (LBG), INEC would like to draw attention to disturbing incidents of possible adulteration practices by third parties.

Non-Carob Seed Kernels

Locust bean gum (LBG) is extracted from the endosperm of the seeds of the carob tree, Ceratonia siliqua (L.) Taub (Fam. Leguminosae). Currently, third parties seem to be trying to sell seeds as carob tree seeds that are clearly not from the above species. Please remain vigilant.

Enzymatically treated (galactose-depleted) guar gum:

Under EU law, such a product may NOT be used as a food additive or ingredient on European markets as it has no legal definition. Read more here.